DontStpTheMusic7 posted a grump
TealEgyptian I hate when you have a big cut and you can't find a band aid big enough. Then you end up putting some of the sticky part on the actuall cut and it HURTS!
DontStpTheMusic7 I didn't even think of that. I hate when that happens. >.<
Patchgrabber Hmm, I'd suggest polysporin to speed the healing.
Compassionatemisanthrope Pretty much any surface of the skin with curves and you're screwed. I hate cuts on the finger because I wash my hands constantly. I end up saying screw it with the band-aids.
CristaliaMi I used to wear band-aids on my forehead when I was in grade school. It was because I picked at my face (and I still do). I just got so fed up with other kids asking what happened to my face that I used nail polish to write "Don't ask!" on the band-aids.
RullSkatSG Scars make you look jaded and awesome. XD
DontStpTheMusic7 I wish I had some awesome "Don't ask!" bandaids to cover up this cut on my nose.

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