DontStpTheMusic7 posted a grump
Feeling useless a.k.a. not having a job.
I know this has probably been grumped over and over, but this is something I need to get off my chest. I am feeling quite useless these days. I am tired of sitting around while all of my other friends earn money at their jobs and are able to go out and do things. I graduated almost 7 months ago and haven't been able to find a job anywhere and it sucks; and I think my dad is getting impatient because I am living with him while saving up for my own place. It's not like I am not trying; I've applied everywhere, and jobs in my field are very limited in my area. Seeing my friend who is also in the same career field get jobs (in another state) only makes me feel worse about not having a job. Ugh. I just want a job so I don't feel like such a failure at life.

Valie You're not a failure, you're just having a tough time at the moment. Give it some time, and try to explain to your dad why this is.
Good luck!
ChesireCLAM What is it you do?
DontStpTheMusic7 I went to school for Baking & Pastry Arts.
catgurlfurreel1 I know that feeling all too well :(
ChesireCLAM Oh cool! :D
Valie Me too O_O I'm a pastry chef also! XD
Saria Grumped! Working on getting a part-time job while my boyfriend already works at Subway. Soon though, we'll be in school - him as an accountant and I as a dental assistant. :)
SerasJo I know how this feels. I've been unemployed for months and my husband barely makes that much. Were on the verge of losing a place to live.
jimmy >!<
It took me quite a while to get my first job (in fact, my second one too).
Be confident in your abilities and career choice and you'll find a job.

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