DontStpTheMusic7 posted a grump
jimmy >!<
FriarTuck I hate this with a fiery passion.
ChristineWinks Aha I'm probably unintentionally guilty.
hdoouS Like they are trying to make a baby with you...yes:/. >!<
MsLeading Must be Su.
hdoouS Haha:)
rosecrystal Grrr, makes me feel uncomfortable when people are too close.
kristymisty NATALIEDEEEE! :D
xxlaaniixx I don't give a shit about the public so I would turn around and yell at them until they get the message :D Oh and when I can drive all I'm going to use is the horn! Lol, :D
ZomboDeZany Yes, I hate people who don't seem to grasp the concept of proper queue conduct >!<
CristaliaMi You try to walk ahead more, and they think the line is moving, and they keep riding your arse! Not to mention you end up invading the space of the person in front.
nouser Or when you are walking through a bar at a packed show and people use that as an excuse not to fully move out of your way when you are trying to get by so that you have to rub all against their body D: ugh.
aRaven I had a friend who ALWAYS used to stand in my personal space -it was a joke! She was literally on top of me >!<

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