DontStpTheMusic7 posted a grump

How does it feel being 20? :)
DontStpTheMusic7 Thank you! :)

It doesn't feel any different yet. ha
DontStpTheMusic7 Haha. I love The Office! :)
Yesterday I went to bed at
3 AM and woke up at 7 AM.
Luvrboi This has been bugging me for a while but... Who is that girl in your profile picture? I recognize it from a TV show I used to watch and I forget her name. D<

Btw- Happy birthday. Tomorrow its my sister's birthday. She'sabe older.
DontStpTheMusic7 Thanks. :)

It's Daria.
Valie Happy birthday XD

And yeah, I can relate, sadly.
MoodyMike >!< Just 'cause I hate waking up in general.
DontStpTheMusic7 I don't mind waking up normally if I've had enough sleep.
DontStpTheMusic7 Thanks! And only 4 hours of sleep? Ouch. >.<
DontStpTheMusic7 Thank you :)
CristaliaMi I just turned 20 on May 29th. Happy birthday! (one day late)
CristaliaMi My birthday was great, except for the fact that my dad backed our car into a concrete wall. Hopefully no one smashed the car on your birthday.
DontStpTheMusic7 Thanks. And no, no car smashing. :P
MelMalicious and I totally bailed on work.

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