DontStpTheMusic7 posted a grump
MaltaBoi Thats true >.<

Especially when they correct you infront of others, it's emabrrising, and seriously, at least tell me about it later and not infornt of the person I was discussing the subject with! D:
silentEMOTIONS Actually your incorrect the correct term is...jk grumped
DontStpTheMusic7 Yes, it is even worse when you're with other people. >.<
RullSkatSG I have this funny way of saying politics. I say "pole-itics" instead of "poll-itics". My parents correct me all the time. Grumped. >!<
xMonophobia I was hoping for a typo or a grammatical error in this Grump... I really wanted to correct you.
ChesireCLAM It's not pole-itics,
it's paul-litics. XD
Thats how I say it.
Luvrboi I REALLY hate this.

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