Eliteil posted a grump
beckizzle i pride myself in my bladder of steel.
horseydoggygurl Agreed. I can go a whole day with only peeing once :)
FriarTuck me too!
Patchgrabber Wow, all of my friends up here (most guys included) have the bladder of a 3-year old. I on the other hand have a more efficient bladder and can hold it for many hours at a time, even while drinking a lot.
CristaliaMi I can hold it pretty well. My dog, on the other hand...well, I don't take him to the movies.
RullSkatSG I missed a lot of Avatar because I had the shits. I came back and asked what happened.
"They almost got eat by dragons, but then they got away," said my southern grandmother.
ChesireCLAM Never go during a movie.
I always wait for the end
then rush to the bathroom.
DontStpTheMusic7 I never go during a movie. I can hold it for a while, so I wait till the end of the movie to go to the bathroom.
MoodyMike Why do you think your drinks come in re-sealable cups?
CristaliaMi Are you trying to indicate that people should pee in their empty soda cups?
MoodyMike .....Nooooo?
MaltaBoi It's the stupid freezing cinema AC that screws us >.<
Kiteboardordie Of course not. They should pee in other peoples' soda cups.
alice1396 I know this is soo true!! Like no action happens till u have to geet up to use the bathroom!!! I hate that!! >!<
BitchD lmao XD
BitchD i can hold my pee =) cant you?!
MissMurder I hate when that happens
TealEgyptian Usually I just hold it in till the end and then piss on the ticket guy.
Eliteil OMG ME TOO!!!!!

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