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I Don't Care, Said Pierre. I'm From France.
So this guy on that international penpals site sent me the rudest question, and when I answered him, he was even ruder. It went like this:

Him: Since when having schizophrenia is recognized as a "plus"??? It is really honest to say it but will you gain a lot friends that way??

Me: Firstly, I never said it was a plus, and secondly if anything people have been curious and they have asked me questions. I'm open about it. I'm out of the closet so to speak and I have plenty of friends. Now I ask, will bringing forth questions in the manner you have gain you a lot of friends?

Him: just curious

Me: well, it is possible to ask questions along that line and not be rude

Him: Americans always see rudeness in every question that challenges them a little. :)

Me: There was nothing challenging about your question, it was presented rudely. This has nothing to do with me being an american, it has everything to do with you being an asshole. I have been doing peer work and have been open about my illness for YEARS. people have asked me similar questions without being rude about it and I did not find them rude. You sir, are nothing more than a jackass. Do not right me any further messages unless you intend to apologize for being a condescending bigot. I'm sorry that being a rude asshole is the only attention you can get from women.

Oh my god, It makes me want to fly to France and strangle the fuck out of this guy.

U mad?
Yeah, she mad.
CristaliaMi Wow, and then he throws an American stereotype in your face. Sure, it annoys me when people get offended over random stuff, but reading that, he was in fact rude.
FriarTuck I'm really fucking steaming right now.
CristaliaMi Oooh. Yeah, me too. Facebook Mobile is being an asshole. Apparently I don't have any notifications, a split second after it said I did.
FriarTuck Crap I meant I used to do peer work. Oh well.
Valie Holy shit. Well, nothing a swift kick in the ass wouldn't cure. Nice burn though XD
CristaliaMi Well, if he's wanting to throw stereotypes in your face, then here's one for him: French people are known to be quite rude.
beckizzle my pen pal is super nice.
sorry about yours :(

mines from australia.
you should try one of them on for size.

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