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SerasJo grumps
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo posted a grump
SerasJo Crap, I meant to put, "but not after the other guy has left."
psychaotic Ew, the scent of cologne could put me off sex for aeons, how in the world did anyone ever decide this stuff smelled attractive? If that wasn't bad enough it obscures the pheromones actually having hornifying effects upon the female body. Or the male, if they swing that way - or both ways. It's all about pheromone, either way - the real thing, not anything sold in a bottle. The nose doesn't smell it, the skin does, mostly...
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo posted a grump
CristaliaMi I hate that so much! One time, I tried to open a freezer door while holding a shopping cart. The static electricity used me as jumper cables! I know because the cart wasn't charged, but I felt static shock in both hands.

Also, I was severely shocked by a germanium flower last year.
SerasJo I got shocked by a grocery cart once, felt it all the way from my hands to my feet >_<
Never been shocked by a flower before, that's a new one
SerasJo Hmm I just noticed I said 'the work' instead of 'at work' bad
commoner62 I hate shocking.
But sometimes it's humorous...
Sekeido I totally stuck a key in an electrical outlet once. I guess I was just that kid...

Anyway, now I'm a superhero.
ChristineWinks my car likes to shock me :(
SerasJo Do you have your own theme music too?
Twichild369 Cool, i'll try that at home.
Twichild369 Shocking... Isn't it?
runforitkyle Electric fence on the crouch.
appleeclipse I used to love that show.
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo grumps and
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo posted a grump
Patchgrabber Nothing happened. Watch "Idiocracy", it amusingly explains how intellectuals wait longer to have children and usually create less spawn than an uneducated person, thus leading to the eventual propagation of a majority of morons. A sort of retarded lumpenproletariat revolution, if you will.
SerasJo Haha I've seen that movie! Now that u bring that up its a perfect description for the grump. "Its got electrolytes!"
RullSkatSG I love that movie, and yeah it does describe what's happening here.
ZomboDeZany It sounds very interesting, and well worth a watch. I do wish that the world would take a more meritocratic stance sometimes - and I mean basing it on real skills, not just how well people can get grades on exam papers.
NightOwl I got pregnant on accident, and decided to keep my kid.
I don't regret that.
Now I have almost no desire to have other children. I just want to go to college, and try living my life with the one I do have.
I think it's weird that all these young girls want to have kids all of the sudden. I noticed a change in all my friends after I got pregnant and had my son.
All of the sudden they were freaking out about pregnancy scares, and coming to me for advice. All the while secretly hoping they really were pregnant. I think the majority of them feel that a child will complete them in some way, or give them a greater purpose, or keep their boyfriend around.
That last reason is extremely creepy.
SerasJo grumps and
SerasJo posted a grump
SerasJo at the end I meant to put, why won't she see that?
NightOwl Not to be rude, but it sounds like the both of you need to educate yourselves more all all the subjects mentioned.
From vaccinations, to organic living. Both of which you were extremely vague about in this post.
Living all natural isn't a bad idea by any means, but that doesn't mean one must reject science for the purpose of becoming healthy, or staying healthy. It's apart of evolving.
Please, just do yourself the favour of doing good research before talking about this, and trying prove a point to your friend.
SerasJo Yeah your right, guess I just needed to vent and was feeling kind of dejected
Valie I'm just gonna leave this and this: here if you want to print it out and show it to her. You can also include this: for her to see what could happen without proper vaccinations and hope that she changes her mind.
I believe this is the quote you mentioned.
SerasJo grumps
SerasJo posted a grump
ZomboDeZany Blinkers? Don't you mean "indicators" or "turing signal"? I thought blinkers were what one put onto a horse to keep its eyes on the road ahead.
Patchgrabber In North America we sometimes call them blinkers.
ZomboDeZany Mea culpa.
hdoouS And I think the things they put on horses are called blinders.
ZomboDeZany Oh, well, in the UK the things you put on horses are called "blinkers". We just call the flashing lights on cars "indicators" XD
ChristineWinks Um oops. :)
MsLeading ARGH!

So grumped.
NightOwl I seriously hate when people do this.
SerasJo posted a grump
nouser Just don't answer the phone when it's them.
SerasJo I usually don't except sometimes they call with different numbers and I don't know it's them
Patchgrabber Hmm, well isn't it technically harassment after a few calls? I'd check up on what constitutes harassment with your lawyer or possibly the local police department.
silentEMOTIONS haha thats funny but really annoyying something I get to look forward to in the future! :/
SerasJo posted a grump
TealEgyptian She sounds horrible. Do your parents know?
kristymisty At first, I thought that the picture was a mushroom...
paste So did I.
xxlaaniixx *~!!!!!GRUMPED!!!!!~*
SerasJo Yeah they know, but they don't care. They don't think it's anything to get upset about
Patchgrabber Ditto.
hdoouS Same.
Twichild369 me too

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