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MelMalicious posted a grump
xMonophobia Sorry, my dearest, but yes, we are only friends with benefits when it's convenient for me. I am a straight up player that'll take whatever I can get.

Will you ever forgive me?
hdoouS I feel ya lol
Patchgrabber Um, isn't being friends with benefits all about convenience? If you want more then you are breaking the friends with benefits agreement, and must come clean.
Valie But Su... D: I thought I was the I the only one in your life. You have a lot of explaining to do, mister! XD
horseydoggygurl Geez su I thought what we had was real... :P
MelMalicious no what I want to know is why doesn't he reciprocate, like I'll do something for him and he'll be done and I'll be there going "wtf"
Patchgrabber Go on......


Ok, if he's just a jerk in the sack he is definitely in the wrong. Tell him he needs to play some pac-man stat or he's not getting any more tonsil hockey.
MelMalicious Hahah, yeah.

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