You know I considered starting a blog, but then I realized that all the thoughts I truly want to share with the world are negative. It's like this site was made for me! There's really nothing else you need to know about me, now is there? :) Oh yeah, I don't really care for netspeak. It's like "R U" stupid? And please keep your "trolls", "memes", and "alts" away from me. Thanks.
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What's This?
a different kind of social network, one that doesn't impose a "like only" regime, or acts like a bird and has it's head in the clouds

So, I can vent about ANYTHING?
yes, no topic is forbidden

Why would I want to share my problems?
Because most chances, someone right here has the same problem and their perspective can help

What if someone makes me upset?
You can block them & delete their comments from your posts

Can my Facebook friends read my posts?
No, Your grumper user is not linked to your Facebook profile (and will never be) just change your nickname & profile picture and you are annonymouse

And how well will my privacy be protected?
We will never share your private information by default. You can always delete your posts we don't save a copy

So how long does it take to start grumping?
In less then a minute if you press here
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