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OKThatsit true that
grumpycatxx There should also be an'' Assholes'' category. I'd use it all the time.
paste I could make a few jokes here, but I don't think I have to.
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SirenSinger grumps and
SirenSinger grumps
SirenSinger posted a grump
CristaliaMi You should've kicked him in the balls and made fun of him for it.
FriarTuck A crush on you = he has one
my other guess is he's not quite grasping what female products are for yet.
Saria I will not let people touch my crap. Ever. Not even back in school. I'd fuck his ass up for that.
29M You did the right thing, and the last sentence is so true.
Whocares He successfully made himself look like an ass!!
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SirenSinger grumps and
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psychaotic Since they have no imagination, they project their own imagination-deficiency on you. Just revel in your own superiority, knowing that the idiots who say things like that can't get out of the pre-existing creations box. I pity them, but also hate them since this is why we live in a world with movies that are 99% remakes, sequels or 'reboots' whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean other than 'remake, but in this century'.
FriarTuck I love you.
RullSkatSG That does piss me off big time and I'm not sure why.
FriarTuck The only time this pisses me off is when my aunt's mother in law asks me, because she's condescending and asks the worst questions.
FeylandDweller I have the same problem.

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