What you call unnecessary, I call fun.

Michael Jackson Forever(just so you know)
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FeylandDweller posted a grump
Valie A little pain is easy to handle when the reward is nice teeth :)
keramarie09 I totally agree with you! I love nice teeth. :D And the dentist doesn't bother or scare me at all
OKThatsit don't get this the wrong way, but you should blame your teeth, not the dr. :)
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FeylandDweller posted a grump
asykes90 this is exactly why i download.lol
TealEgyptian Oh you and your Michael Jackson liking-ness.
Kiteboardordie People still buy CDs?
paste I do.
FeylandDweller posted a grump
CristaliaMi >.< That sucks.
SirenSinger I am so close to killing your mom right now.
Mrs. U if you are reading this then I am kidding, you da bomb. Your husband is tall btw.
FeylandDweller posted a grump
Kiteboardordie Lunocet. Google it. Thank mechanical engineers later.
commoner62 What if I 'Binged' it instead?
Kiteboardordie Then I'd suggest you binge alcohol instead because it's easier to drink than lunocet.
commoner62 Nah...I'll just drink a lot of sugar and then bounce off the walls. Way better than binge drinking. ^_^

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