Hey I'm Becca, 15 and I live in the UK.
"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
I don't want to do any serious and depressing grumps I'm just here for the fun of it! -x-
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aRaven posted a grump
horseydoggygurl Atleast Grumper isn't blocked :D
kristymisty I absolutely adore how you have "Why is a raven like a writing desk" On your profile. <3
Patchgrabber Proper spelling, capitalization , flowing sentences, OH MY GOD....wait, seems to be a lack of punctuation. Phew, for a second there I thought you were a robot. Bienvenue a Grumper! Stick around, we need more people like you.
Valie I got the answer to that! They were both used by E. A. Poe! XD Tah-Dah!
I hate it that they didn't answer it in the movie.

And welcome new Grumper, take your shoes off and feel like at home :)
ChesireCLAM Welcome to Grumper!
ZomboDeZany Bu don't get fluff on the carpet either when ya do, I just cleaned it XD

Seriously, though welcome to the number-one miserygut's n' moaners' club on t'interweb! 8D

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a different kind of social network, one that doesn't impose a "like only" regime, or acts like a bird and has it's head in the clouds

So, I can vent about ANYTHING?
yes, no topic is forbidden

Why would I want to share my problems?
Because most chances, someone right here has the same problem and their perspective can help

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You can block them & delete their comments from your posts

Can my Facebook friends read my posts?
No, Your grumper user is not linked to your Facebook profile (and will never be) just change your nickname & profile picture and you are annonymouse

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We will never share your private information by default. You can always delete your posts we don't save a copy

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