FriarTuck posted a grump
THE Most Malodorous Thing in the World.
Tonight I found the one thing that possibly is the most foul smelling thing on earth. Please keep in mind, like many of you I've changed foul diapers, and unlike many of you, I've eaten things from trash cans and gone weeks without bathing.

For the event at the museum tomorrow, a friend of mine let me borrow a deer skull that his dad had in the backyard for about a year and a half. This deer skull has mummified/petrified leather and fur still on the bridge of the nose. Tonight I thought I would clean it up a little bit, so I got a bucket of water and soap and a masonry brush and started scrubbing at it, It started to emit this foul odor and I started coughing, so what did I do? I thought well, i'lll dunk the whole thing in the bucket. So I dunked it in the bucket and started scrubbing it again and oh my god it smelled SO BAD that I was coughing and couldn't breathe. I really hope I can still use it tomorrow, and that somehow it stops smelling.

It seriously smells like death.

Maybe if it dries it won't be smelly anymore.. here's to hoping.
DontStpTheMusic7 Ooh, ooh that smell. Can't you smell that smell? XD
Asyra the smell of death surrounds you!
TeenSpirit I wouldn't worry about it... the smell is just from the spirits of deer past leaving the skull without a proper shamanic ritual. The spirits, and the smell, will be gone shortly.
FriarTuck or maybe it's just the smell of death and rotting flesh, not a "deer spirit".
CristaliaMi Yeah, I saw that on your facebook. Grumped.
FriarTuck and it compels me.. to wheeze.
FriarTuck I'm hoping some frebreeze helps.
MsLeading Oo, I wanna see!
Patchgrabber So it's just the skull with a little material on the nose? If you just want the skull itself here's how to clean it: If you can, put it in a pot of boiling water for 60-180 minutes. If you leave it in too long it can fall apart so keep an eye on it. Once boiled sufficiently, the teeth will have fallen out so you would have to glue them back in (taking a picture before boiling would be appropriate). An older skull will require more time boiling than a newer one. Remove the fur/leather material when it is still warm, you can scrape it with a knife if you desire.

Once it has been cleaned, if it is not a nice white and you want it to be, you can soak it in a bleach powder:water solution in a 3/4 cup:1 gallon ratio for 2-3 days if possible.

Am I the only one that had a collection of small animal skulls as a kid? I'm guessing so.
Patchgrabber *addendum: careful to not damage the bone if you're scraping, and glue the teeth in when it's dry.
FriarTuck Damn, I don't have time to :(
becclescakes Perhaps the smell will lend a multi-sensory aspect to the exhibition? Of course it could just gross everyone out.
If anyone asks, just say its intentional and is part of the overall art form. :)
Kiteboardordie Is that it on your head? Eww.
FriarTuck That's it on my head AND the febreeze just made it smell worse.
ChesireCLAM My grandma has a deer
head. It's gross and
has the eyes still. I
think it's watching me.
Luvrboi My Great Uncle is a hunter and he has a stuffed deer, a stuffed bear, 2 deer heads, and a bear head. He killed them all himself. :\ I can't do that stuff, I'd get sick.
CristaliaMi eewwwwwww...

Did you actually use it as an art medium? And is the artwork called "Deer Spirit"?
FriarTuck I did.
I walked around at the museum with it on my head for about 5 minutes, but the work is called "self portrait with a deer skull". My dad has pictures in his camera, I hope to nab some today and put them online.
FriarTuck Calling it deer spirit is a joke, if you scroll down and see one of the comments.
FriarTuck That's probably one of those ones on the wall? don't worry they aren't the actual eyes, they're just marbles.
FriarTuck That's crazy.
I couldn't kill animals either, but wearing a deer skull from one that was already dead is another story.
FriarTuck I've posted a pic of the painting I did on *ahem*.
ChesireCLAM Nope, it's hanging out
in a barn thing. And
the eyes are rotting.
horseydoggygurl In my best friends house there's two deer heads in the living room. There also used to be a stuffed duck in her bedroom.
horseydoggygurl And she said her grandparents have a wild boar and they use the teeth to hold their keys XD
CristaliaMi I already saw it =)

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